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IN THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION, TURKEY IS A PERFECT COMBINATION OF ANCIENT TRADITIONS AND MODERNITY Always considered a crossroads between East and West for its particular position straddling Europe and Asia, over the centuries, Turkey has managed to attract major people from all over the world, great travelers and explorers curious in search of natural beauty and traces of an extraordinary story. This interest the country has not been one in years, but grew more and more and now appears to be directed mainly to the new Turkey, dynamic, intelligent and forward to Europe. Its cities in fact, while retaining proudly valuable evidence of their past, they have been completely renovated to become modern, exciting and cosmopolitan. Istanbul, the Turkish most important city, is not only a place rich in art and culture, but is also a vibrant and engaging. At the foot of the unchanging scenery of palaces and minarets, it is not hard to find clubs, discos and bazaar that make it one of the funniest city on the planet. This sparkling overture introduces the slow pace of the interior of the country. Ankara, the capital, and its important monuments or Konya, the center of Sufi mysticism, known for ritual dances of the Dervishes. But the limestone terraces of Pamukkale or lunar landscapes of Cappadocia. A symphony that has dazzling recurring themes over the more than eight hundred thousand kilometers costs that can be admired from the classic gulet or along the coasts of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. And finally, as mentioned Antiochia and Ephesus, location on the rediscovered ormedi St. Paul, Lake Van and Mount Ararat, the end of Turkey, where it all began ... with Noah. For those reasons, each region of Turkey has something special to offer choosy travelers as a destination for their holidays. From Izmir to the tourism heart of Antalya, the pearl of the Turkish Riviera, with its spectacular beaches that offer the best attractive location, sports and entertainment. Among these, Bodrum, Marmaris, where the Aegean joins the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Fethiye or still Patara with its white sandy beach or even more beautiful Oludeniz a marvelous place to se the dolphins. The Turkish coast in summer is a paradise for diving, fishing and cruising vessels, where you can admire the starry heavens as we do not see more, lulled by the waves of the sea. "Come, whoever you are, come ...." with open arms, these verses of the great mystic poet Mevlana, you are welcomed by the Turks, a warm and hospitable people waiting for you to give welcome and introduce you to the magical and enchanting soul of Turkey Most Beautiful ... to be discovered and where to return.
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