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With its close range to Europe but with 365 day of outdoor sports weather, Turkey serves many sports team for their pre-season camps. MEGA TOURISM has a strong track record in hosting and organizing sport clubs camps in Turkey.


Golf is a world-accepted elite game with a special dress-code and certain rules. Turkey hosts the best golf fields of Europe and you can enjoy your game in Istanbul and Antalya with the standard rules. But, we are able to arrange an outstanding experience for you which is called Cross-golf in Cappadocia. This is the only place where you can play golf in a real world heritage without any harm. With our professional arrangements, Cross-golf will be your unforgettable experience.

Green grass fields of region counts as one of the best Golf area in Europe. With the breeze from Mediterranean sea, golfing has a different feeling in Belek. Every year, many guests are coming for great competitions and to enjoy.

Another aspect of Bodrum, where you can find little excitement of Golf during your leisure. With the fresh air of the region, you will feel ready for driving range shoots.


We are happy to present you, our training camps in turkey. As an active football player, you know how important it is to regenerate after a preliminary round. And when at the end of the winter break, the serious training begins, the ambiance should be motivating. In turkey you will find at this time, the optimal weather conditions and training camps. On the mediterrenean sea every footballer heart beats faster.

Winter sports resorts in Turkey are generally located in forested mountains of average height. The following ski centers are easily accessible by road or by Turkish Airlines or by other low cost flights.

Antalya - Saklikent: Situated on the north-east of Bakirli dagi on the Beydag mountain range, 50 km north west of Antalya, at a height of 2000 meters. Accommodation is available in guest house and chalets and there are restaurants, shops and a supermarket. The best season is from January to April. The special attraction of this centre is that in March and April one can ski in the mornings, then drive down to the coast and swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean in the afternoons.

Bursa - Uludag
This ski center 36 km south of Bursa and 150 km from Istanbul is accessible along a good asphalt road or by cable-car. The ski area lies between 1800-2500 meters and the best season is from December to April. A wide range of accommodation is available in hotels, family chalets and apres ski facilities. At the resort there are chair-lifts, ski-lifts, slalom and giant slalom courses, beginner's slopes, ice skating, and a small hospital. The total lenght of ski tracks is about 20 km, and the longest one is about 2,000 meters. Skis, equipment, and instructors are available for hire. Total bed capacity is over 4,500.

Bolu - Kartalkaya
This resort situated on the Istanbul - Ankara highway 50 km from Bolu. It's surrounded by pinewoods and the ski area lies between 1500-2200 meters of altitude. Hotels have a total capacity of 1250 beds at the moment and with new investments it will be taken up to 3500 beds in the near future. There is a swimming pool, ski-lift and equipment for hire, and ski instructors are available.

Erzurum - Palandöken
This center is 6 km from Erzurum, lying at an altitude of 2200 to 3100 meters with some of the longest and most difficult courses and best snow conditions in Turkey, making it an ideal location for international ski competitions. In February 2011 the Winter Universiade Games (Olympic games for university students) was organized in Palandoken. Accommodation is available at several ski lodges and hotels with a total capacity of 2100 beds, which will reach at 8850 beds in the future. Restaurants, chair-lifts and ski instructors and equipment for hire are available at the resort. Lately several big hotels are built in the area and there are also a number of hotels in Erzurum city. December to April is the most suitable season for skiing at Palandoken. The longest ski track is about 12 km and the total length of all tracks is about 28 km.

Isparta - Davraz
This center is about 20 km from Isparta and lies at an altitude of 1650 meters. The total bed capacity in the accommodation facilities is about 460 but soon with new investments it will reach about 1600 beds. There are several ski tracks ranging between 1650-2250 meters of altitude, ski lifts and chair lifts. The season is from December to the end of April. Mountaineering and trekking is also possible at Davraz.

There are some other smaller skiing areas in Turkey such as Hasandagi in Aksaray, Kop mountain in Bayburt, Akdag in Ladik - Samsun, and Yildiztepe at Kadincayiri in Cankiri - Ilgaz. Future plans are to develop these resorts as well as adding new skiing resorts in other areas of Turkey. The total bed capacity at various Turkish ski resorts was around 7,700 beds by the end of 2010, but with future investments and govenment plans it's planned to reach 65,000 beds in the future.

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