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Cappadocia, for sure, is one of the unspoilt destinations in Turkey and offers a lot more than a Traveller may expect. Cappadocia the name derives from Persians and was originally Katpatukia wich is thought to have meant The Land of Beautiful Horses or The Land of Sweet Names.Cappadocia itself is a seperate world in Turkey with the Historical and Religious Background.


Goreme open air museum: Next to the name of the Goreme village, is home to many churches. Goreme Open Air Museum to come to some of the places to be seen while hiking: Buckle Church, Priestesses and Priests Monastery, Saint Basil Chapel and the Serpentine Church.

Fairy Chimneys
of Cappadocia, a leading role in the formation of heroes. The structures that form in the process of a thousand years of erosion, flood waters and wind down the valley slopes, eroded tuff structure appeared composed. Fairy Bacaları'nın defies the laws of gravity not seem to be an extraordinary forms of logic-defying final! Hundreds of striking anywhere in the building can be seen in this region.

Kaymakli village: historic underground city is built on. Underground city opened in 1964, nearly 1500 years has been used, and the primary purpose of defense. A total of 4 times today on a tour of the city, which is 8 floors. The deepest point of the trip is open to 20 meters under the ground. Ventilation systems in underground city is the deepest so good that it will not have even respiratory problems.

Avanos: established the banks of the Red River (Kızılırmak) , probably originated in a small town, by Seljuks. Avanos ancient name "Vanessa" is. Brought to the Red River from the red soil and the shaft with ceramic clay is famous for pottery and ceramic materials. In addition, handmade carpets are worth seeing.

Balloon tour : Fairy chimneys, cave houses, churches carved into the rocks and mysterious landscape of Cappadocia to see perhaps the most beautiful city in the air. This is a magical hot air balloon tour to observe the atmosphere there is no more perfect choice. Cappadocia early evening as you start your day soaking up the fresh morning air, along with other passengers can continue to binişinizle balloon in Goreme, Uchisar among the rolling hills of flies rose slowly and calmly, you can witness the miracle of nature.

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