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In Greek and Roman times one of the seven wonders of famous old (the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus), Bodrum today is definitely one of most popular destinations. Considered by many to be the "St. Tropez "of the Aegean coast, is one of the most lively and attractive resorts of Turkey. The knights Jerusalemites with stones mausoleum built a magnificent castle to defend the harbor, well protected and secure. Very busy during the summer Bodrum is in fact an ideal departure for the myriad of caiques and schooners sail from here every day to discover small creeks, beautiful bays and beautiful beaches, unreachable by land. White houses with typical architecture, a lively waterfront along the cozy harbor, shops, boutiques, artists' studios, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and disco bars open until dawn and cheerful and hospitable people, make it a sure point of reference for those who want a holiday in the most lively and fun. Here it is easy to combine and alternate archaeological visits to beautiful bathrooms in a crystal sea for lazyness, like these is a many alternative choices. However you spend at least a day or two to walk around this beautiful city and be sure to visit the Museum, housed in the aforementioned castle. If you like to move, a rental car will be useful. The numerous locations that you can visit are interesting not only from the archaeological point of view but also entertainment. Choice of numerous seafood restaurants, bustling markets, small antique shops, sandy beaches uncrowded ... The old, the modern and the classic here come together in harmony.
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