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Antalya with sea and beaches of this beautiful stretch of coastline,
for about 200 km, runs from Tekirova to Alanya: the south-west section of Antalya
(From Antalya to Kemer - Tekirova) is the one with the most beautiful sea in absolute
crystal clear water (the bottom being mostly rocky) beaches, fine sand and pebbles extended. But on the other hand, the stretch south-east (Belek,Side & Alanya) is characterized by extensive beaches of fine sands. More generally, the entire coast definitely has a context natural unique beauty with which is the work of man is happily harmonized to create beautiful tourist complexes, villages and Hotels in comfort, fun and relaxation.
Pamphilia region:
Starting from Antalya, the main city of Mediterranean region and the capital of tourism, which is facing the bay to foot of the majestic Taurus Mountains. The old part of the city has been carefully restored along with its old port. Today's attractions include elegant marina surrounded by boutiques, shops, cafes, restaurants, taverns, pretty style hotel and a large park with beautiful gardens.
If a person has not willing to the sea bathing have a chance to see the most important things by traipsing. The guidebook where you will find the description of the most known and referred places. Keep an eye on the distances between Alanya and Tekirova, badly calculated, there are about 200 Km which, if Phaselis is around the corner, compared to Tekirova, from Alanya is a long journey. Choosing the vacation spot you have to take into account what you want to do. If only sea and beach, no problem. If you also want to make some visits, you may choose most central area of interests.
Storic harbor
The city centre is the oldest part of Antalya; surrounded by walls on water and land, to this day the area is called “Kaleiçi” .Filled with entertainment complexes, hotels, restaurants, markets, bars, souvenir shops and antique carpet sellers, this is a tourist haven. Today, the harbour is being used as a yacht dock.
Perge : Is situated 18 km to the east of Antalya within the borders of the Aksu region. Archaeological digs have been continuing since 1946 in this antique town, revealing a theatre, stadium, agora and columned avenue.
Aspendos Theater :Local Greek architect Zenon built this theatre between 161 and 180 B.C. (during the reign of Marcus Aurelius). Today, this theatre is used for concerts, festivals and a variety of other events.
Patara (Caretta Headquarters) :
The seaside village of Patara was once the capital of the Lycian civilization, and now draws attention for its magnificent views and unspoiled beach. The depth of this 18 km-long beach varies from 200 to 300 metres in certain parts.
Demre (Myra) :
Demre is a Lycian city in Myra, established in 4 B.C. It is credited for being the birthplace and home of Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus).
Karain Caves :
Karain are some of Turkey's largest natural caves, and are nearly 430-450 metres above sea level. The caves are of notable significance for Anatolian and Middle Eastern history, as evidence of human settlements dating back to the early Palaeolithic age (150,000-200,000 years ago) was discovered in these caves. Archaeological excavations continue within the caves.
Phaselis :
The remnants discovered in the antique city of Phaselis, dating back to 6 B.C., are largely from the Roman and Byzantine era. The ruins were found on both sides of the main avenue tying the military port to the southern harbour. The first of Turkey’s Top 10 Best Beaches is in Phaselis.
Olympos :
Founded in 2 B.C., Olympos is the oldest settlement to be discovered in Antalya’s surrounding area. Today, the quaint beach along the river that flows through the rocky valley has made it a tourist attraction. Olyumpos is a playground for thrill seekers, offering an array of trails and opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, climbing and kayaking.
Side :
It is said that Side is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, with its foundation dating back before Christ. Today, Side is a vivacious touristic centre with a plenitude of entertainment hot spots, shopping areas, souvenir shops, carpet sellers and more.


Antalya or in antiquity called as ““Antalea” was the first place that is visited by St. Paul in his first Journey. Start your tour with the ancient Roman city of Perge, where the substantial remains of a great theatre, stadium, huge Hellenistic and Roman gates and a colonnaded street are still impressively well preserved. Then, continue to your tour with Aspendos, the best-preserved amphitheater in Turkey. What you see here remains from Roman times, though the true history of the settlement goes back to the Hittite Empire (800BC). Rest of the day, you can explore Antalya’s old city center where you can see Yivli Minare or the Gates of Hadrian.

Capital city of the Lycian Union and evidently the greatest, Xanthos will be our first stop. In Xanthos people were known for their devotion to independence. Two times in history, Xanthosians committed mass suicide instead of submitting to the enemy. You will visit the Pillar Tombs, Xanthian Obelisk, Harpy Tomb and the Great Theater. 10 km away to Xanthos, another Lycian City, Letoon will welcome us with its great temples of Artemis, Apollo and Leto. We will continue to Demre, hometown of Santa Claus. After visiting his church, our last stop will be the Olympos with its theater, drainage system and Ionic Temple door. If you have enough strength, you can claim to climb Cirali Hill where Bellerophon killed the Chimera.
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